Darkness Over Golarion


After a very long night, the PC’s, managed to survive the haunted courthouse in Beldrins Bluff in Absalom and with luck and no small skill manged to discern the culprits in the wrongful hanging of the dead exicutioner – Jarbin Mord and the killer of his slain wife and child.
And by doing so set their vengeful souls at ease and end the haunting of the courthouse. And in the process made an ally in Sir Rekkart Cole, Paladin of Iomedae.

After battling undead the likes of Zombies, Shadows, Gutdragging Lurchers, poltergeists, a ghoul-stirge, a nasty Croaker, as well as giant centipedes, giant leeches and a deadly pack of animated toys, what does the world hold in store next for this unlikely band of allies?




nightwing78 nightwing78

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