Darkness Over Golarion


After the night at the haunted courthouse the group gathered at the house of Ileos’ adoptive family, only to find out that her adoptive father Menias was attacked 3 days prior.

Deciding to question him further about his attacker once he had awoken from his healing sleep, the group decided to stay the night. Unfortunately they discovered something far more sinister happening in the Eastgate wing of Absalom.

There is no rest for the wicked as the group fount out. Their second night together as a group would prove to be almost as eventful as their first. Discovering some residents getting stolen away in the night by small robed figures, the group decided to track the would be kidnappers to a small abandoned cathedral.

Once inside the group found to their horror that a small army of animated slaying dolls with razor sharp claws were taking people and transforming them into dolls through the use of an evil magical box. Being led by a malicious entity in the form of a puppet named Maligno.

After defeating the slaying dolls and both a short battle with a dire bat that seemingly arrived from out of nowhere, and a rather cheeky mimic in the guise of a mirror, the group gave chase after Maligo.


Tracking Maligno to a nearby toy store, the group had to get past magically animated toys. Kitso taking some severe damage from the toys before Gorm (with Akorian’s magical assistance) turned into a raging beast, demolished the entire toy store!
Jakki scaling the outside of the storefront got to the roof and came face to face with Maligno! in a struggle amid the lightly falling snow Jakki managed to get the upper hand and ended Maligo’s evil with the sound of her pistol echoing through the night. Another shot from her and a crossbow bolt from Akorian “Just to make sure.” sealed the deal.

And while that happened, Gorm, giving in completely to his bestial rage tore out the throat of Maligno’s, seemingly timid creator, the old man Guiseppe. Covered in the blood of the old man, Gorm regained his senses as his rage subsided.
Inside he could feel, his demonic father, wherever he may be, was proud of his little boy. So too could Gorm tell that his siblings knew as well that their “father” had a new favourite for his return to the world of Golarion.


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