Darkness Over Golarion

Epilogue 5.

Shortly after the strange events at the courthouse, one one evening you, Kitso have a very restless sleep.
On this night you dream but it does not feel like a dream, it feels like something more. A portent perhaps.. You see yourself flying across the surface of Golarion.
Suddenly you descend without warning, and rapidly the world goes dark.
As light slowly returns you find yourself staring in awe at a massive city sitting upon gargantuan skulls.
Whether these skulls come from some protean giant race from long ago, or simply carved in by the inhabitants of the city, you do not know.
Before you can give it too much thought, you are shunted into the city and find yourself in a large room, lit only by a few candles you notice two figures in the room. One hooded and armoured, standing beside an ashen-gray skinned male who kneels shirtless before a single candle.
The shirtless figure speaks softly and the hooded figure bends beside him to listen.
Very softly you here these two speak…

“It has begun. It is heading this way.”

“What, what comes here?” replies the hooded figure in a raspy yet feminine voice.

“As black as the knight sky, yet glistening like mithril, doom comes to Golarion. The living darkness who’s only purpose is the death of ALL things.”

“We must prepare. We must gather our cursed saviors.”


nightwing78 nightwing78

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