Darkness Over Golarion

Epilogue 4.

That thing you see at the corner of your eye

As you leave the courthouse with these strange new individuals that have come into your life, the first glimpse of red on the horizon signalling the coming of the morning, you can’t help but feel a shiver down your back, as if someone just walked across your grave. You catch yourself looking off into the distance for something, not sure what you might see.
You cannot shake the feeling that someone or something is following you, nay, hunting you.
You dismiss the thought and start off with your new companions when out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a lone figure far off on a rooftop. You blink and look again but see nothing save only a carpet on a washing line.
Your sense of dread only grows with each day since you started seeing this “entity”.
At first you dismissed these sightings as an overactive imagination but now you are certain it is not. Up till now you have seen it twice before, this is the third. Each time it only gets closer, though you have managed to stay ahead of it so far, you wonder how many more times will you see it before it is upon you.


nightwing78 nightwing78

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