Darkness Over Golarion

Epilogue 2.

Tarnished Blades of the Past

PLEASE! DON’T KILL HIM!!” Runa pleaded, tears streaming down her often jovial, warm and welcoming face. Now however, it only showed fear and desperation.

“Shut. Your. Mouth. Roonah…
“Or I’ll take your tongue and throw it to the rats.”

Runa knew that the intruder meant every word and whispered quietly, watching helplessly. Wondering how this happened…

Earlier that night Runa awoke, startled by a sound. She was certain it was nothing as she sat up and with her fingers brushed away her silvery graying hair. She listened for a moment longer but heard nothing. Still, in this day and age it’s best to be sure. Leaning over she shook Menias awake and with a groan he opened one eye.

“Menias, I thought I heard something downstairs.”

Menias sat up and listened. Still nothing. Menias, being a swordsman of some renown and having some experience in adventuring when he was younger noted that the lack of noise, not even from the usual birds outside in the garden, signaled that something was amiss.

“It could just be a cat.” He said, trying to ease Runa’s worry. “But I’ll check and make sure.”

Menias climbed from his bed and pulled on some breeches. Still fit for a man in his 60’s he took up his own slender sword and flipped it through the air catching it deftly with a wink back to Runa. “Just in case it’s a territorial tabby my love.” Then he exited the room into the darkened hallway…

Moment’s passed and Runa’s worry grew. This was taking too long, she thought to herself. She climbed slowly out of bed and opened up a long wooden chest that was close by. Removing a bunch of fabics and clothing and gabbing what lay below she drew out her own sword.
Drawing the blade from it’s sheath and turning towards the door she stopped dead in her tracks and almost dropped the blade from sheer fright!

The door to her room, slowly opened… ever so slowly… revealing a shadowy figure… a child in the darkness of the hallway… a grinning child that sent chills up her spine.

The child moved and up came a slender blade and Runa knew that it was no child….

“Where is Menias, Runa?”

“F-F-Flensa!” What’re you…?"

“I only ask once hag… now answer me!” The small figure hissed with threatening anger that seemed to grow with each word towards Runa.

At that second Flensa dove into a side long roll, just as Menias’s blade stabbed down to where she stood but a split second before! “You witch, don’t you dare threaten my wife in my house!” he warned.
Flensa came up out of her roll with her sword at the ready in a defensive stance. Runa smiling, glad that her husband was back felt her resolve strengthen again and she held her sword at the ready.

“You cannot win against us both Flensa.” Assured Menias. Runa, always caring said “Runa we can get you help, no one has to get hurt.”

“Help…help you say. You both abandoned me!! You left me and ran, took to the road. Found a new favourite…didn’t you.” Malice dripping from every word Flensa spoke.

Then all of a sudden she straightened and grinned. “How are the kids by the way? When was the last time you heard from them hmm…”

Runa’s blood ran cold.

“Last time my contacts got back to me Zhen was somewhere in Brevoy. Wanting to be a great swordsman like dear OLD dad.”

“Please…” Runa whispered, he knee’s weakening.

Flensa continued “And pretty little Mirel. That one has almost as much wanderlust as your ‘adopted angel’ Ileos.”

At the mention of Ileos’ name Menias’ brows furrow in anger and he cannot contain it anymore. “Enough you devil!” He roars as he moves forward with an extended lunge towards his opponent. She sidesteps his thrust and spins, her arm flashing out. Only the glint of moonlight on the blade warns Runa in time to block the throwing dagger with her sword!
Runa moves in with an overhand chop covering Menias’s open flank just as Flensa rolls under the bed for cover. Menias turns and as he uplifts the bed, Flensa runs up the mattress as he lifts it and she goes into a somersault, dagger flashing out. She lands behind him, spinning just too quick and stabbing out at Runa with her sword.
Menias, however manages to parry the thrust away from Runa, realising too late that she wasn’t the target, he was.
He stumbles, seeing the dagger in his chest.

Runa, tears streaming takes up the attack on Flensa. Runa’s skill with a sword is a match for any guardsman, but against a trained swordsman she could only carry on the fight for so long as she wasn’t as devoted to the craft as her husband was, nor her current enemy. Flansa deftly avoided each strike, mocking her before launching her own attacks against Runa. The attacks were fast and calculated. Tiny cuts meant to weaken her. Runa fought on till her hands grew weak and the sword slipped from her hands. She crumbled to the floor.

Flensa snorted a half laugh and walked over to Menias and looked down at him with a curious mockery. “To think I loved you once.” she said matter-of-factly before pulling the dagger out forcefully from his chest.

PLEASE! DON’T KILL HIM!!” Runa pleaded

“Shut. Your. Mouth. Roonah…
“Or I’ll take your tongue and throw it to the rats.”

Turning, Flensa walks towards the open door, casually wiping her blades on the bed sheets she picks up off the floor before throwing them down again.

Runa, gathering what strength she has left drags herself to Menias and uses some of the bed sheets to top his bleeding.
Looking up she see’s Flensa as she disappears into the darkness. Flensa’s voice echoes back…

“I hope he doesn’t die. Truly, I want to see his face when he hears that his children are all dead.”

“Adopted or not.”

End epilogue 2


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