Darkness Over Golarion

Epilogue 1.

The Blood of Siblings

Nightfall. I quiet pond. The reflection of the stars above Golarion shine upon its trembling surface as creatures untamed undulate below.
Some bushes beside the pond part and a shadow cloaked figure moves into sight beside the pond.
Waving their hand across the pond, releasing the energy and components needed for the potent spell to take effect.
“I have to see… Show me mine enemy… Lest death already taken from me.”
“Not that lucky I hope.” The figure chuckles. At that moment the pond trembles as if it were about to erupt. The land however is still save for a light night breeze.
Then suddenly the pond it still as if made of glass and a subtle glow emanating from below and a vision appears across its surface.
The shadowed figure not eerily revealed as she leans over the glasslike water. Horns reaching behind her and A grin willed with malice and madness spreads across her face as the leans over to see what is unfolding in this scene before her.
In the image across the water a group of people waist deep in fetid water battle serpentine creatures amongst the shelves of what appear to be something akin to a library or storeroom.
The shadowy watcher cackles and claps her hands together in glee and excitement. And just as quickly she stops and yells with rage "No NONONONONO NOOOO!!
Growling under her breath she watches a little longer.
“So. Making friends are we. They can’t stop destiny. Besides, you’re not the only one who has friends…” As she turns and the shadows around her shuffle and move and large shapes move into view all around the pond at her call.
Looking down at the image in the pond as it slowly fades, signaling the end of the spell she adds… “See you soon…”
As it goes dark except for the glow of her eyes.


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